After Akon, is it Rihanna next?

Now that we all know how Akon turned desi with a vengeance in Chennai, the latest on the Love Anthem front is that singing sensation Rihanna might be on board too. Simbu is hoping to rope in Rihanna to provide female vocals for his special number, and we believe he's this close to sealing the deal. Akon, with whom the Kollywood actor struck a good equation when the R&aB singer was in the city, is, apparently, actively involved in getting Rihanna to say yes to this. A source says, "The team has touched base with Rihanna, and she is expected to revert soon. It is still not clear whether she'd come to Chennai to shoot for her portions, if she decides to take it up. Akon has fallen in love with the music scene in India and is keen to do more such projects."
Published In TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 10-MAY-2013