It's official: Simbu, Hansika are in love

In the recent past, rumours of Simbu and Hansika dating each other have done many a round. With certain sections of media speculating about their relationship status and some even reporting that the two were not in a relationship, the two actors have now decided to come out in the open and admit that they are indeed seeing each other. Finally putting all hearsay, speculation and guesswork to rest, Simbu tells us, “We are very much together. We are planning to get married, but not anytime soon. She has a great career ahead and I wish her to do well in it. I also have prior commitments that I must fulfil. Both our families are fine with this and they will decide the details of our wedding.” 

Hansika also confirms that she’s dating Simbu. She says, “Yes, I’m in love with Simbu. But, we are not engaged nor are we thinking of marriage now. We want to plan our career first and I’m concentrating on my future projects as of now. The decision regarding our wedding will only be made later.” Simbu adds, “I have always been open about my life so far and I thought this would be the right time to talk about it. There’s a lot of speculation about our personal lives and I just want to clear the air.” So, since when have the two been dating? “We were not seeing each other while shooting for Vettai Mannan. Somehow, things fell into place later,” he smiles. 
Published In TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 21-July-2013