Contemporaries on screen, friends in real life

Trust, friendship and camaraderie are terms literally unknown in an industry known more for its catfights, backstabbings, let downs and rumour mongering. However, the film industry is slowly but surely turning over a new leaf, what with stars, who, despite the compulsions of a dog-eat-dog industry, are making an effort to strike and maintain friendships. A case in point would be Simbu recently accepting an award on behalf of Dhanush, who until recently was being portrayed as his enemy .

SIMBU-DHANUSH  :  This friendship, which emerged in 2012, has steadily grown stronger. Not deterred by the skeletons in their closets, both Simbu and Dhanush have cast their professional as well as personal differences aside in the name of friendship. They are friendship. They are spotted together at not just award functions but at parties around the city too. On his friendship with Dhanush, Simbu had recently said, “I have been hanging out with Dhanush. He also comes home and we play video games together. Earlier, there were a lot of people, who were playing games in between as we were not talking with each other. Now that we have both started talking to each other, the middle ones have vanished.
Published In TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 29-sep-2014