Simbu says ‘yes’ to an arranged marriage

Simbu has always wanted to fall in love and get married — and he has not kept this fact a secret, having been pretty vocal about the same in many interviews. However, looks like the actor has changed his mind now, for, if what we hear is true, then the actor has agreed to an arranged marriage, and his family members are looking for a suitable girl for him. 

Rumour has it that Simbu had a family lunch recently with his close family members in which the marriage talk was also initiated. When we asked if this was true, Simbu's dad, T Rajendar, while denying that there was any such serious marriage talk during the family lunch, said that Simbu has agreed to an arranged marriage. "So far, he had not shown keen interest in getting married. Now, he has said a 'yes' for an arranged marriage, but with the condition that he should like the girl and vice versa. We have started looking for a suitable girl, and hope things fall into place soon," said Rajendar. Well, we hope you find your girl soon, Simbu!

Published in TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 19-January-2016