Simbu records his first `official' song for Anirudh

While both Simbu and Anirudh have jammed together a lot, for the first time, the actor has recorded a song for the composer. Simbu recently crooned, Peiyophobilia, a fun number for the film, Rum, which has music by Anirudh. The film starring Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty , Vivekh and Amzath is a horror-thriller. This song comes at a juncture when the cast experiences eerie things that happen inside a house. Anirudh says, “This is the first time I am working on the horror genre. Hrishi and I have been wanting to work for some time and that's when he told me about Rum. Though this is a horror film, the songs will be in my usual style, and the eeriness will be felt mainly in the background score. I am quite scared of horror films and I haven't watched even one film in this genre. So, I don't know how I am going to sit through the rerecording for this one!“ 

Talking about Simbu's song, he says, “This one will be a fun dance number, especially for the front-benchers! When I composed the song, I realised Simbu would do justice to a song like this one. So, we got him on board.“ Since the two already share a friendly equation, what was it like during the recording? “We have jammed together several times. But this will be our first official release,“ laughs Anirudh, adding, “Our sessions are always fun. He heard the tune and really liked the song. We were fooling around even as we were recording!“ Vivek, who has penned the lyrics for this one, says, “They wanted a song that had gibberish and we decided on the word, Peiyophobilia. The song asks whether the fear for ghosts is needed or not, and goes on to tell how the real world is scarier than ghosts. Anirudh's crazy tune inspired me to write the lyrics for this number!“ The song has been choreographed by Sathish.

“We shot this one near Padappai. Of all the scary things happening in the film, this song will be a relief to the audience,“ says Hrishikesh. 

Published in TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 8-9-2016