Dhanush says Hansika is right about Simbu

K-Town has always and still is talking about rivalry of Dhanush and Simbu. But, both of the laugh about it, it seems. “What rivalry could we both possibly have? We both are actors, but our approaches and destinations are entirely different. Competitors must be alike. We, in no way are alike. ,” opened up Dhanush, in a recent interview. 

“It’s a funny place we are working in. So many people say so many things. At one point, you fall for their lie,” adds Dhanush. The Maryan actor does agree that he had a minor misunderstanding with Simbu, but he supposedly clarified it when they met recently. Dhanush explains, “We both understood that the misunderstanding was primarily because of our lack of interactions in the past. So we spoke and understood that all the misunderstandings were based on lies we were forced to believe.”

About the dialogue in Vaalu, “Oru sila pasangala paakka paakka dhaan pidikkum. Aana, unna maari pasangala paatha odane pidikkum”, Dhanush fully agrees with it. “Simbu is a very handsome man and I agree with Hansika. Ladies can fall in love with him at the first sight, as she says. But, with me it takes some time,” he laughs. 
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