My love is one, but the girls keep changing - Simbu

On a recent visit to the set of Tamil film Vaalu in Bangalore, ex-lovers Simbu and Hansika were shooting for a song. The lead pair has two more songs to shoot. This, incidentally, is the first time that they are back together on set after their break-up (which Simbu had announced through a press release). Needless to say, it was awkward, with the two maintaining their distance from each other. Here’s how they reacted when we spoke to both of them separately about each other: 

When I tweeted about my relationship, I also tweeted that I would never ever talk about it again. There was a press release from the other end, and I refuse to comment about it. Even today, my relationship status will elicit no comment. When it comes to being on the same set, well, I have to complete the film. I’m not working for Simbu, I’m working for the director. I’ve been paid to do this and more than anything it’s my film — it feeds me and makes me a star. I have to respect it. What went down between us was between us. I’m not someone who holds grudges. I won’t go to the media saying, ‘This happened to me or that happened to me.’ I’m not like that. What happened between us was for the good. It’s all in the past, let’s move on. I’m a happy-go-lucky person. 

Working with an ex is not new to me. In fact, for me, it would be different if I were working with a heroine and we were still in a relationship. It is like telling a boy you’ve failed in studies. So many times I’ve failed in an exam. It would be new if I’ve passed one. Basically, for me, it is like God is one, but we have so many religions. The same way, the love that I have is one, but the girls keep changing. I am trying to settle down with one, but they have to understand my love and take it. Maybe, they all like too much pain. Love is a big energy. The fault is with us, we try to bring it into a narrow space and channelize it to one particular person. We should love everything. The way we love our girlfriend, we should put the same energy into everything. But, I’m so used to putting all my love to one particular person. After turning spiritual, I’ve begun to understand the pain and the healing process. 

Published In TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 2-May-2014