Simbu is going through hard times

Simbu is apparently going through hard times in his career. The disappointed actor took to his personal social media space to express his feelings recently. "Hard times :( All I did was surrender myself to almighty ...#Strong" "Some people are trying everything against me due to hatred and jealousy ....But even if I forgive karma won't , hope they understand that :)

Simbu's overall talent as an actor, director, writer and singer has earned him so many hardcore fans over the years. Although he has not had a solo release since 2012, his diehard fans have always backed him up no matter what. Such is the respect his fans have for him. When his fans learned that two of his movies were to be released in 2014, they trended the hash tag #Inlovewith2014forSimbu in Twitter. Whenever there is an online poll where Simbu is involved, they jump into action and do their best to put him in the lead. 

Hard times come and go, but small gestures like these during the tough moments are always heartwarming. Simbu, you have immense love from your hardcore fans. The world is waiting for your upcoming movies. 
Source : Behindwoods