Simbu's Next With Adhik Titled Anbaanavan, Asaraathavan, Adangaathavan

Actor Simbu's eagerly awaited next film with director Adhik Ravichandran has been titled Anbaanavan, Asaraathavan, Adangaathavan. Simbu will, for the first time, be seen playing three different characters in this film, each of which will have a distinctly different shade. 

The title, which was released at the stroke of midnight on Twitter on May 1, received a phenomenal response from fans, who continued to tweet about it late into the night and early into the morning. Needless, to say, the topic began trending. 

Talking to Express, Adhik Ravichandran, the director of the film, confessed that he was overwhelmed by the fantastic response. "We are totally moved by the love and support the fans have shown us. We need all their blessings. Happy about the fact that the topic has been trending. All I wish to tell them is that work on the film is progressing at a brisk pace." 

So, how did they decide to name the film Anbaanavan, Asaraathavan, Adangaathavan? Says Adhik, "Simbu plays three different characters in this film and each one has an important shade. That is what the film is all about. We thought we would go with the traits that best describe each of these characters as the title and hence chose this name. 

Also, I thought that just as how I had a three-word title for Trisha Illana Nayanthara, I would have a three-word title for this film too." 

Giving out more details, he says, "Script wise, watching all three characters together will be very interesting. Enacting three roles in a film is a challenge because the actor will have to quickly change from one character to another. But Simbu is up to the challenge and is very confident.

However, Adhik is tight-lipped when it comes to the names of the female leads in the film. "I can't disclose anything on that at this point. All I can say is one heroine will be from Bollywood and the other two will be from the Tamil film industry," he says with a smile. 

The director discloses that work on the film is progressing at a very brisk pace. "We have slotted only a few days for shooting and work is progressing very fast as planned," the director signs off.

Source : New Indian Express
By Manigandan K R