Silambarasan aka Simbu aka STR -well, this name evokes two kinds of responses from the people in the state. One section is in awe of his talents and good looks, while the other hates him because of the rumours and the controversies that seem to follow him. 

An outspoken star, Simbu has never shied away from expressing his thoughts; perhaps that's the reason why he has garnered an extremely loyal fan base here that stood by him even when he hardly had any film releases for almost three years, and had a tough time during the Beep Song controversy. 

With votes received online on http: polls, and along with our vote, Simbu has pipped the other young contenders to bag the title of Chennai Times Most Desirable Man 2016. In a conversation with Chennai Times, the young actor talks what women find sexy in him, what quality in a woman turns him on, romance and marriage...  

You are the Chennai Times Most Desirable Man 2016. What do you think makes you desirable? 

I swear I don't know. I still can't believe that people are constantly supporting me despite my absence from the industry for a few years.After all the problems and controversies that I have faced, they still stand by my side, and support me without letting me down. I never thought that this would happen. The credit for this should go to my fans.If any other star had got this title, it would be like a win for them personally. But for me, it feels like it's my fans who have actually won it. I never thought about this. So, this is their success, not mine.  

Why do you think they are crazy about you? 

If there is a situation in my life -maybe a controversy or a problem -I don't try to evade it by coming up with reasons, or denying it. Whether it is right or wrong, I stay calm, and face it boldly by being honest to myself. Perhaps that's the reason people like me even now.  
Boldness apart, what else do you think women find sexy in you? 

Honestly , I don't have an answer for this; maybe my eyes.  

What about a woman turns you on? 

I just want a woman to be a woman, instead of trying a lot to be a man. There is a misconception among the current generation that a girl must behave like man, and only then she will gain respect. But it's not like that. A girl must be bold, but she must be so in her own way . If I find a girl with this quality , then I will definitely fall for her.  

You have always been open about your personal life, unlike most stars. So, when are you planning to tie the knot?  

I seriously haven't planned anything in this regard. It's not in my hands. Marriage is not like filmmaking. You can't plan things, unlike films, where you can write the script beforehand and plan the shoot schedule. First, I must find a girl who likes everything about me, someone who stays with me for life. I will wait for the right girl until then.  

Do you still believe in love? Will you ever fall in love again? 

I will never ever lose trust in love. There is nothing without it in this world, and I will keep falling in love. There is no doubt about that. (laughs)  

Who do you think is desirable here, apart from you? 

According to me, desirability is not just about the looks. It's about the talent and the qualities one possesses. Anything can be a desirable for anyone. In that sense, I don't have an answer for it.  

Of late, you are being vocal about many issues... 

I have always been vocal about problems prevailing in this land, and I have always done what I feel is right. Even in this jallikattu issue, somebody had to come out and speak the truth about it, and that's why I decided to be vocal about it from the beginning. 

One crazy fan moment... 

Well, I have many . I get embarrassed if someone comes to me in person and says that they love me.I really don't know how to handle all this attention even now, and I so I try to avoid that space completely .  

What's your fitness mantra?  

Generally , I never exercise or hit the gym for working out. My body is very fit that way . I have never been too fat to tone it down with workouts and exercises. If I feel that I am putting on a little weight, I just reduce my food intake; otherwise, I eat a lot. Also, most of the time, I sleep late, so I have never found time for exercises. 

But you seem to have put on a lot of weight now... 

Oh yes, but this is for a character in my upcoming film, AAA (Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan). I need to shoot a song in Mumbai soon, and after that, I will focus on reducing my weight, as I have to be slim for my next film. I understand it's tough to lose weight, but I need to. Age is also another factor when it comes to weight loss and weight gain. I am 33, now, but I think it will be fine.  

Published in TIMES OF INDIA Daily English News Paper Dated 26/01/2017


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